(VIRTUAL) Design & Facilitation

How do we “get together” in groups, in virtual work-places? Stina is here to support your group work through calls, zoom meetings and written correspondence. Whether it’s a group check-in, an important decision-making meeting or a creative process – sometimes you as a leader need to participate. Stina can help.

Contact Stina directly to explore how working together with her support can super-charge your meeting design or process.

“The quality of your attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking” Nancy Kline

The board has exploded in its ability to work together (particularly out of the core you worked with). Major decisions/discussions are going through, most committees are up and humming, we are looking now to restructure our executive (which we couldn’t have done before), our staff, students, parents, alumni, and other constituencies have been consulted on the strategic plan, and we’re looking to find a replacement for me as my year runs out. Thanks so much for your help. ~ Strategic Visioning Client

What’s the value of having Stina involved in your retreat?
(input from recent Retreat participants)

I’ve worked with numerous facilitators over the years and Stina was hands down one of the best! She has the amazing ability to focus the group, pull out the gems of the conversations, and ultimately create a unique and meaningful experience for the group.

Stina sets the stage for deep trust and sharing at our annual retreat. She works with our wiley band of entrepreneurs to design an agenda that never loses momentum and she pilots us through a focused, five day process of sharing and discovery. Under her expert guidance, new ideas and deep understanding comes to the surface.

Stina’s facilitation goes beyond just facilitation. Her facilitation about connection, cohesion, and vulnerability. She has the ability to create a safe space for tough work and conversations.

As a new participant in a long-standing retreat of small business owners, it was valuable to have Stina as a facilitator. She easily navigated group dynamics to ensure that each person felt respected and heard, while still keeping us on track. She was fantastic, and I’d highly recommend her!

Stina has a delightful, calm presence and super smart ways to wrangle a group of headstrong, Type A, entrepreneurs. She’s consistently able to keep things moving on schedule, to keep a positive and collaborative tone, and to provide a solid point around which to pivot.

Stina is able to understand how to work with high-powered Type A individuals. She can support the work as well as make people feel safe in sharing. It’s a difficult skill to balance listening with empathetic and insightful comments, which is what Stina can do. I never felt rushed or put upon by Stina. She facilitates with compassion and love.

Stina is always focused on outcomes for our group. She knows why we’re there and skillfully leads us over the finish line. Having Stina facilitate our retreat ensures that at the end of five days we leave with the insights, ideas and roadmaps we came for. With Stina in the room there’s no going off the rails.

Stina is a deeply thoughtful and insightful facilitator. She intuitively understands the dynamics of a group, easily navigating between real-time needs and an established agenda. Not every facilitator brings wit, kindness and empathy to their process – Stina does, and the results speak for themselves.

“If you want someone who can skillfully maneuver a group of very different people into a single, engaging experience that has meaning and value to all present, Stina is who you should hire.”

(Head to her clients page to read more comments from current and past clients.)


Contact Stina by calling 604-612-8563, email stina at stinabrown.com or fill out the form below.


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