Design & Facilitation

Meeting, Event & Process Design and Consultation:
Are you planning a conference or event that requires engagement and human connection?
Do you have a strategic visioning or planning session coming up?
Are you navigating changes in your organization or on your team?
Are you looking for an expert to make your retreat or gathering the best yet?

The momentum and success of a meeting can be built in, as can the level of engagement, creativity, mood and energy. Meetings are pure potential, realized. Great meetings can alter the course of history for a cause, a business or a community. Don’t underestimate the potential result of getting people in a room together.

With an emphasis on engagement, strategy, insight, collaboration and culture-building, Stina’s years of experience with strategic visioning and planning, organizational development and visual communication combine to offer client groups highly effective meeting design. Contact Stina directly to explore how working together can super-charge your meeting design or process.

“The board has exploded in its ability to work together (particularly out of the core you worked with). Major decisions/discussions are going through, most committees are up and humming, we are looking now to restructure our executive (which we couldn’t have done before), our staff, students, parents, alumni, and other constituencies have been consulted on the strategic plan, and we’re looking to find a replacement for me as my year runs out. Thanks so much for your help.”
~ Strategic Planning Client

Head to her clients page to read more comments from current and past clients.


Visual Facilitation & Graphic Recording Services:
For businesses and organizations that are interested in exceptional meeting experiences, Stina facilitates highly visual and engaging meetings. She often collaborates with other graphic recorders or works with facilitators as a professional graphic recorder.

She also offers custom studio drawings, and custom large or small scale graphic templates and tools. Harness the power of visual learning, real-time creativity and results-driven process in your next important meeting or retreat.

Visual Facilitation Training
Interested in learning/practicing this skill? March 2017 at UBC, a May 2017 Speaking in Pictures in Vancouver (and a spring training in Calgary): Details TBA. To learn more, head to her Visual Training Page.

Contact Stina by calling 604-612-8563, email stina at or fill out the form below.

Examples of Visual Agendas:

Active meeting members, mid-planning:SONY DSC




Graphic Charts:2010sci-1-week-out







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