Self-Care and Personal Resilience: Free Workshop July 14, 3:30-5:00pm Pacific

Send September Worries on Vacation!

Date: July 14, 3:30-5:00pm
Time:  90 minutes
Registration:  Free event via Eventbrite (sign up with this link by July 13)
Who is invited: Teachers, Administrators (Educators), and Parents

We need to recharge this summer…
but we are worried about what September looks like.

How can we “relax and recharge” when we don’t feel the safety/security that comes with predictability?

Our mini-workshop is designed to empower you as you connect with others, provide space for you to reflect on current reality, look ahead at what keeps us up at night, and prepare to go into September.

About your Hosts:


Stina Brown is an accomplished meeting and retreat designer, facilitator, visual practitioner/recorder, trainer, coach and consultant. She is especially passionate about projects with a focus on equity, well-being and/or systems change. She has an extensive background in group, team and organizational culture and development, strategic planning, visioning, skills training and visual and creative theory and design.
Stina Brown, she/her/hers
E: stina at stinabrown dot com


Misty Paterson is an author, consultant, and teacher, a passionate BC educator, a wholehearted inquirer, and a possibility-unleasher. She loves inquiring into our beautiful and complex world alongside others.

Misty creates transformative learning experiences that focus on developing deep understanding. With twenty years in education, Misty has facilitated school visioning and inquiry-based curricula with hundreds of children, educators, and families promoting authenticity, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Her book, Pop-Up Studio: Playfully igniting agency, artistry, and understanding with concepts and compelling materials hit #1 on Amazon in Lesson Planning. Misty holds a B.Ed and an M.A in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on cross-faculty inquiry.
Inquiry and Concept-Based Pedagogy
T: @PatersonMisty
I: @popupstudioed

Stina and Misty’s Approach, as we Lead a Group
We acknowledge the territory upon which we conduct our work and our lives.
We respect the culture, rights, and autonomy of the group and the individuals.
We strive to engender an environment of equity, respect and resourcefulness where all participants trust that they can speak freely and where individual boundaries are honoured.

Self-Guided Workshop Option

If you would prefer to walk yourself through the process (not on our July 14th Zoom call) – this page will equip you with everything you need, as will the Agenda below. Feel free to download the handout to jot some notes as you go or write in your journal.

Workshop Agenda…

We will start with a reflection:
What helps you relax and/or re-charge?
(List as many things as you can, and note which ones are the most restorative or energizing)

Current Reality Check-in:
From the past few months – and now,
What’s easy/hard about this new reality?
(Divide the page in half – one side “Easy”, one side “Hard”) Notice which side is easier to list – and dig deep to go below the normal noise.)

Future Reality Check:
When I think about the rest of the summer and on to September,
What am I afraid of – looking forward? 

  • What keeps me up at night?
  • What do I rebel against or fight with in my mind?
  • What steals my energy/joy/inspiration?

What do I want things to look like in September?
How could this new reality create positive changes in my teaching experience – in my child’s experience, or in my experience as an administrator?

Reflection Question:
How do I care for myself, or what brings me a sense of well-being and, how do I sustain that sense of well-being?
* Use reflecting on and answering this question to set you up for the following questions – don’t skip this step. We each need to know how we provide resources for ourselves, to be full and ready for what lies ahead. If we discover we have few ideas in this area – it might be encouragement to really build this reservoir of energy and practices UP, to provide us added strength and adaptability as this pandemic season wears on.

What do I really need?
(*Reflect and answer above question before proceeding…)
What MUST be in place for me to feel safe/well/equipped to navigate this new reality we are in?
What are my MUST HAVES?

  • How do I be resilient when I don’t get what we need?
  • How do I become an athlete of this new lifestyle filled with uncertainty and interruption?
  • How can I surrender to the moment and still keep MY POWER?

In Closing
Take a moment to appreciate yourself for taking the time to focus on what helps you take care of yourself and be resilient. This is important work!! Go back over your notes in the coming weeks to see if your thoughts evolve. Nobody knows the future – but as we enter each season eyes-wide-open, we can feel more resilient and up for the challenges, whatever they are!

“Eventually we realize that not knowing what to do is just as real and just as useful as knowing what to do. Not knowing stops us from taking false directions. Not knowing what to do, we start to pay real attention. Just as people lost in the wilderness, on a cliff face or in a blizzard pay attention with a kind of acuity that they would not have if they thought they knew where they were. Why? Because for those who are really lost, their life depends on paying real attention. If you think you know where you are, you stop looking.” ~ David Whyte (2009). “The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship”, p.88, Penguin