The Art of Paying Attention

Clients who have extremely high standards engage Stina.

Speaking in Pictures– Next 2 Day Training in Vancouver: OCTOBER 2016 (date TBD)
Visual language for professionals, facilitators, planning and engagement specialists, and anyone interested in developing this highly flexible and valuable skill set. We all, to some extent, think in pictures – but we hardly ever speak in pictures. This course sets the stage to change that. We work with ever-increasing complexity and need skills to filter, organize and synthesize information. With this skill set, you will develop your ability to translate inputs into meaningful visual hierarchies, make your meetings more creative and effective, use experiential learning techniques to amplify your ability to use both sides of your brain. This experiential course is designed with multiple learning and social styles in mind. There is no artistic ability prerequisite for the course and you will leave with significant skills improvement.

Custom Meeting/Process Design, Visual Facilitation complexityand Consulting
Contact Stina directly to discuss custom designed meetings and consulting services
* Custom Retreat Design and Planning
* Creative Leadership Development and Training
* Strategic Visioning and Planning
* Facilitation, Visual Facilitation and Graphic Recording

  * Team/Community Building
  * Engagement Strategy and Leadership Coaching


Teaching and Training:
Stina has had the opportunity to work with some of the most inspiring Leadership teachers and trainers in recent years. Peter Senge and Robert Gass top her list. Through her work in 2015 with the Academy for Systemic Change and though 2010-2015 with Rockwood’s Art of Leadership, her passion for the development of individual and collective leadership is stronger than ever. Also topping her list, the inspiring work of Claudia Madrazo and “La Vaca Independiente“, moving an artistic/educational revolution forward in Mexico. Finally, Arawana Hayashi‘s teaching of Social Presencing Theatre continues to have a profound impact on Stina’s work.


Stina brings to her designs a mix of training from Appreciative Inquiry (trained by Gervase Bushe), group facilitation (trained by Julian Griggs), graphic facilitation (trained by Christina Merkley), visioning and planning from various models including Theory U (training through U.Lab with Otto Scharmer). Contact her directly for more information on what she can do for you. See what her clients are saying.


“Stina Brown embodies cutting edge work in visioning and creativity for individuals, teams and organizations, bringing passion, professionalism and precision to all that she does.” ~Robert Gass, Co-founder of Rockwood Leadership Institute

Contact Stina by calling 604-612-8563, email stina at or fill out this form.


Clients of Note:

Reconciliation Canada:
Born from the vision of Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, Gwawaenuk Elder, Reconciliation Canada is leading the way in engaging Canadians in dialogue and transformative experiences that revitalize the relationships among Indigenous peoples and all Canadians. Our model for reconciliation engages people in open and honest conversation to understand our diverse histories and experiences. We actively engage multi-faith and multi-cultural communities to explore the meaning of reconciliation. Together, we are charting a New Way Forward.

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