The Art of Paying Attention

Clients who have extremely high standards engage Stina.

Stina’s work in 2015 includes 3 main focus areas:

Teaching and Training:
Speaking in Pictures Saturday September 26, Sunday September 27 @UBC
Back by popular demand! Visual language for professionals, facilitators, planning and engagement specialists, and anyone interested in developing this highly flexible and valuable skillset. We all, to some extent, think in pictures – but we hardly ever speak in pictures. This course sets the stage to change that. Participants will be introduced to the skills that support speaking in pictures including: a brief historical context, benefits, learning styles, left and right brain thinking, listening, drawing while you listen, presence, composition and structure (visual grammar), color, your own customized visual language library, etc.. This experiential course is designed with multiple learning and social styles in mind. There is no artistic ability pre-requisite for the course and you will leave (even a 1 day course) with significant skills improvement.
Register NOW for September 26-27.

Custom Meetings and Trainings
Contact Stina directly to discuss custom designed meetings and training for your in-house team.
    * Facilitation and Speaking in Pictures
    * Team building and Team Assessments
    * Engagement Strategy and Convening
* Strategic Visioning and Planning

“I expanded my toolkit with skills I’ll be able to use for a very long time – forever?”

“Democratic. Creative. Efficient. Inclusive. Awesome.”

“Breaks the habit of judgment and offers new tools for engagement and dialogue.”

“This course is about being open minded, and teaches us to actively listen and engage in the lessons.”

“Highly valuable skills learned today. I can use it anywhere and everywhere. It’s not limited to meetings/conferences. It can be great for brainstorms, reflective journals, and helpful for analyzing and dissecting problems and conflicts.”

“Stina Brown embodies cutting edge work in visioning and creativity for individuals, teams and organizations, bringing passion, professionalism and precision to all that she does.” ~Robert Gass, Co-founder of Rockwood Leadership Institute

The Academy for Systemic Change:
A 10-year initiative to enable leaders, communities and networks in critical systems to catalyze and facilitate societal, environmental and economic well-being on a scale that matters. The Academy has been formed to connect and leverage world-class systems change leadership development providers and mentors with young leaders to learn while working directly in systems change application “laboratories” worldwide. Stina is on the program team for the Next Generations Leaders Academy for Systemic Change, an Awareness-Based Leaders Journey.

Climate Change Conversations & Engagement:
Through her work with the Climate Justice Project, Stina is helping diverse and intergenerational groups gather to talk about the connections between climate change, everyday life today and in the future and our role in it all. See for information on the Climate Justice Project. Contact Stina directly for more information.

Contact Stina by calling 604-612-8563, email stina at or fill out this form.

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