Rethinking Conferences: Participant-Led Events vs All The Rest

I could not have said this better myself!


I’m now convinced that there are two types of events: those that serve the interests of participants and those that primarily serve the needs of a small group of organizers (or, worse, the egos of the speakers).

I’ve been slowly coming to this conclusion after leading or helping to organize two 135-person events every year for the past four years (and attending my fair share of others) — Web of Change and Greenpeace’s Digital Mobilisation Skillshare, the latter of which just wrapped last week and hit several high water marks for me (kudos @captaintracy!) and crystalized some thinking here.

The challenge, as I see it, as it that our prevailing event models aren’t providing enough value to enough participants. And now that I’ve seen what’s possible, I think it’s time we expect more from (and ask more of) the events we attend. 

  • Panels rarely deliver (see Darren…

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