Drawing Out Potential

po·ten·tial \pə-ˈten(t)-shəl\ capable of becoming real

adjective: having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. “a two-pronged campaign to woo potential customers”
Synonym: possible, likely, prospective, future, probable, latent, inherent, undeveloped

noun: latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness. “a young entrepreneur with great potential”

Stina is engaged by clients who have extremely high standards and want to realize their full potential.

Stina offers her services in the form of retreats, intensives or strategic convenings and has helped countless clients reach new vision, build or deepen relationships, set and achieve strategic goals, and acquire new skills to apply to their best work. Learn more about her

Design and Facilitation
With an emphasis on engagement, creativity and culture creation, Stina’s experience with organizational development, learning styles, visual communication and group science combine to offer client groups memorable meeting design. Drawing on the latest research in a wide range of topics at the intersection of optimal human performance and creativity, Stina designs and leads exceptional “high risk” meetings.

Retreats + Intensives currently offered:
RAMP: Rapid Adapt MasterPlanTM
Super Social Vision PortalTM
Speaking In Pictures (Graphic Recording)
Transformation + Creativity Labs
Facilitation with Stina
Custom Retreats…

“Stina Brown embodies cutting edge work in visioning and creativity for individuals, teams and organizations, bringing passion, professionalism and precision to all that she does.” Robert Gass, Rockwood Leadership

As a seasoned graphic recorder, Stina also creates wall-sized graphic “maps” and templates that increase group participation, capture facts, visibly organize concepts, increase comprehension and deepen shared understanding. She is a Professional Listener.

“To share time with Stina Brown is to see into the very potential of human capacity–for compassion, for patience, for growth.” Mike Rowlands, Junxion Strategy

Stina guarantees a successful outcome, every time.

“Stina Brown is an excellent synthesizer of complex information and has a gift for distilling salient points which makes the conversation productive. She brings high octane energy in to the room which is an intangible and necessary quality for a full day strategic planning session – especially one with diverse viewpoints.” Client

Contact Stina by calling 604-612-8563, email stinaillustrates at gmail.com or fill out this form.

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